Mystery Shopper & Customer Review Service

Here at we offer a great value for money service to garages, dealerships/manufacturer franchise and garage chains.

We mystery shop for you and report back our findings to you. We work with you to identify any concerns you may have within your outlets and use our industry proven list to provide a comprehensive audit trail and performance monitoring for each dealership or garage outlet or chain of stores monitored.

This invaluable service shows your strengths and weaknesses and help you provide a first class service to your customers.

If you care about customer service and loyalty then you need to invest time and money into a national review service which positively shows your strengths, weaknesses and ability to deal with problems.

We have all these available for you. Through external and internal promotion and using The Mystery Customer Service we can, NO! more to the point you can prove you are doing the very best for your customers to highlight any problems and provide a solution process for any problems that arise.

You know "Word of Mouth" is a powerful media and promotions tool and is probably one of he best avenues of new and repeat business, so get your business into gear and start working with now.

We don't pay for reviews. Every review on our site comes from registered members of the public or review editors of consumer products or services that we have internally used as part of our mystery shopper service.

Customer reviews on our site are verified through a call back system, meaning we contact the reviewer and request more information to establish they have made a purchase and can review on a particular company product or service.

So if you have an automotive company, product or service you would like reviewed ask us to add it to our consumer review section and start promoting to your customers to ask them to review your product or service (we will monitor and ensure each review is legitimate and proven with checked data) or contact us to supply to us and we will use and review your product and/or service to ensure you are providing a customer focused environment.

Please contacts us using our contact us section or submitting a support ticket.