Report a Listing Violation

Many of our business listings have been added by individuals or companies and as such the very nature of a business directory with reviews is under close scrutiny by the industry, consumers and ourselves.

To this end we allow listings to be reported for violation under a number of headings.

  • Consumer/ Customer Complaint disagreement. If you as the business owner disagree with a customers review then you have the right to question it with us.
  • If a business is listed incorrectly or requires updating please tell us.

If a listing is incorrect then please contact us with the relevant updated details including the listing title so we can look into it better and with less delay.

On the matter of a Consumer/Customer complaint against a listing, in our opinion it is far better to deal with the customer than to report it for violation as our policy is not to remove customer reviews, this would deter from the actual point of the business directory with reviews option.
We ask customers with complaints to verify their purchase and provide details of the complaint/issues and to provide as much detail, including photos if possible to us and to the business. This of course is not always possible and even under these circumstances we have to provide the opportunity to allow a consumer the ability to give poor or good reviews. Therefore it is always in our opinion best to contact the customer who is making the complaint and offer all possible solutions to try and rectify their issues and concerns, this proves a businesses ability and willingness to look after customers and provide a good customer experience and show potential future customers that you care about consumers using your business.

Proof that you have contacted the customer and tried to work things out is always the best solution in our experience and opinion and shows other consumers your ability to work through customer complaints/issues and come to an amicable conclusion for both sides. also operate a solution to allow businesses to provide this service with continuous customer feedback and surveys to provide an invaluable system of customer loyalty and recommendation to friends, family and colleagues -  see here for more information, business solution