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Your car and the MOT

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Why have an MOT and Service

Routine MOTs and servicing are important to the continued health of your car, but they both serve different purposes. MOTs check that your car is in a safe state to be driven on the road, whereas services replenish much needed fluids and items in your car that help extend the life of the car while helping to keep it roadworthy.

Even though it’s not a requirement to have a service before your car’s MOT test, some of the areas covered in a service can help your car pass its MOT.

Your car and the MOT

Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road is required to keep it in a road worthy condition at all times. The road worthiness is checked in the interests of road safety and the environment by the test we call the MOT. The first test is required once a car is three years old. (There are different rules if you use it as a taxi or if it has more than 8 passenger seats).

The MOT looks at some important items on your car to see that they meet the key legal minimum requirements at the time of test. You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle.

When to test

You must get an MOT test every year once your vehicle is 3 years old (1 year in some cases - check the MOT fees table to see when).

You can then renew your MOT up to a month before it expires. The earliest date you can get your vehicle tested is printed on the pass certificate.

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