The new Renault ESPACE

Multi-Sense driving enjoyment and travelling comfort

You are no doubt already familiar with the crossover styling, quality and reinvented modular interior of the new Renault Espace. Today, we invite you to discover the sensations it offers behind the wheel, not to mention its outstanding travelling comfort…

This immersive, à la carte experience is managed by the new Renault Multi-Sense system which controls the car’s array of technologies. The settings of the engine, transmission, chassis, comfort and ambience (lighting, instrument display, massaging seats) are all carefully coordinated to match the driver’s mood. Five distinct modes serve to give the impression that several vehicles have been combined into one Espace.

At the heart of the Multi-Sense system lies the 4Control chassis (four-wheel steering) which has been mated for the first time been mated with electronic damper control to deliver nimble performance and reassuring enjoyment. The feeling of safety is further enhanced by a comprehensive raft of driver aids.

Under the bonnet, the new Espace draws benefit from Renault’s expertise as an engine manufacturer – as well as its experience as the pioneer of turbo charging and downsizing in Formula 1 – to propose a choice of contained-capacity engines which drive through six- or seven-speed EDC dual clutch transmissions. The 20% fuel consumption and CO emissions gains re-presented by these three latest-generation powerplants work with the new Espace’s carefully- honed aerodynamics (Cd: 0.30) and lighter weight (a 250kg saving) to heighten the sense of pleasure and efficiency delivered by our newest model.
Behind the wheel of the new Espace, driving enjoyment takes on another dimension.

Unfortunately Renault UK have advised us that the New Renault Espace will not be available in The UK as Renault have no plans to make it in right hand drive guise.

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