Taxi Safety

The following information aims to ensure your journey is a safe one and to help you identify legitimate taxi vehicles and drivers licenced to operate.

For your safety all taxis and private hire vehicles licenced by a council must be properly insured, pass regular checks for road worthiness and drivers must meet stringent standards. All licenced drivers are expected to behave in a courteous manner, so please treat drivers with the same courteous.

To report a concern or complaint write to Your Local Council's Licencing Section. Please make a note of the registration number and / or driver number.

Be Safe

  • Don't drink and drive

  • Use public transport

  • Use a licenced private hire vehicle or taxi (hackney carriage / black cab)

Private Hire Vehicles

Taxi Driver Identification - Private Hire

All private hire drivers must wear an identity badge that shows their photograph and licence number. The identity badge must also be displayed in the vehicle and they must match.

About Private Hire Vehicles

  • All private hire vehicles licenced by a Council are in a colour, please check with your local licencing department to see what the colour is in your area!
  • Each saloon vehicle must display a roof sign and a metal plate to the rear
  • The registration number of the vehicle and the plate number should match the numbers on the roof sign


Helpful Tips (Private Hire)

  • Before you get into a private hire vehicle or taxi - check it is licenced as unlicensed vehicles are not insured to carry you
  • Always book private hire vehicles through a licenced operator. Give details of where and when you want to be picked up, your destination and ask how much the journey will cost. It is up to you to decide if the cost is acceptable
  • Do not flag down a private hire vehicle from the roadside. It is ILLEGAL for a driver to of a private hire vehicle to pick you up. If there is an accident, you could be uninsured.

Hackney Carriage / Black Cabs

Taxi Driver Identification - Hackney Carriage / Black Cab

All drivers of hackney carriage vehicles must wear an identity badge that shows their photograph and licence number. The identity badge must also be displayed in the vehicle and they must match.

About a Licenced Taxi (Hackney Carriage / Black Cabs)

  • All taxis licenced by a Council are purpose built (not white or local licencing designated colour) and have a metal plate on the rear of the vehicle

  • All of these vehicles have been adapted to carry passengers who use wheelchairs - check with your local Council's Licencing Section for details
  • You can book a taxi through a licenced operator and you can hail a taxi in the street or hire one at a taxi rank without pre-arrangement


Helpful Tips (Hackney Carriage / Black Cabs)

  • Make sure the driver uses the meter - you should not be charged more than the fare shown

  • Details of the current fare tariff can be obtained from the Council's Licencing Section
  • For your safety and protection - make sure you know the difference between licenced hire vehicles and taxis

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