German automaker Mercedes Benz - Daimler will voluntarily recall 3 million Mercedes-Benz brand cars with diesel engines in Europe to improve their emissions performance, the company said Tuesday in the wake of widespread public debate over the future of diesel.

The Stuttgart-based company said it was taking the step to reassure drivers and strengthen confidence in the technology.

Diesels have been under a cloud since Daimler's competitor Volkswagen admitted equipping vehicles with illegal software that meant they passed emissions tests, but then exceeded limits in everyday driving. There has been a push for diesel bans in some German cities because of concerns about levels of nitrogen oxide emitted by diesels.

In November 2016 the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) issued eight recalls for passenger cars.

A large recall affects the Ford Kuga. More than 20,000 produced from 2008-2010 allegedly need replacement washer jets, since they may rust and then overheat, causing a localised fire.

Air pollution in the UK is a “public health emergency”, according to a cross-party committee of MPs, who say the government needs to do much more including introducing a scrappage scheme for old, dirty diesel vehicles.

The government’s own data shows air pollution causes 40,000-50,000 early deaths a year and ministers were forced to produce a new action plan after losing a supreme court case in 2015.

But the MPs’ heavily critical report, published on Wednesday, says even more action is required to tackle the crisis, such as giving dozens of cities which currently suffer illegal levels of air pollution stronger powers to deter polluting vehicles with charges.

Owners of cars with keyless technology are being warned to stay more vigilant after German vehicle experts showed thieves could bypass the central locking and start the engine of 24 different cars with an ‘easily built’ electronic device.

The German automotive organisation ADAC - the German equivalent to organisations like the AA - tested 24 different cars with keyless technology from 19 different manufacturers and found every single car could be broken into using a simple homemade electronic device.

The Zenvo Team has introduced a revised model at the 86th International Geneva Motor Show. The Zenvo TS1 combines new remarkable driving dynamics both on street and track, limitless options for customisation, with luxury and exclusivity.

The new Zenvo TS1 conforms to the traditions and principles of the Zenvo ST1 – the legendary Danish hypercar that took the automotive world by surprise in 2009 and was instantly nominated for ‘Super Car of the Year’ after its debut at the Le Mans 24hrs ‘Drivers Parade’.