Now that the price of a barrel of oil is dropping, rumours are rife in Westminster that George Osborne might use this as an opportunity to increase fuel duty in his next announcement – and drive fuel prices back up again.

UK Diesel prices are the highest in Europe already, with petrol second. 

For 5 years FairFuelUK has campaigned successfully on your behalf to prevent any increase in fuel duty. If it were not for FairFuelUK, pump prices would be at least 20p per litre higher than they are today.

Yet George Osborne still takes nearly 80% in tax of what you pay at the pump every time you fill up your tank.

At FairfuelUK, we have conclusive proof that there is not one single reason for the Treasury to consider ever adding to the most excessive fuel taxes anywhere in the Western World.

But we need your support…

We’d like to bring to your attention a ground-breaking report recently published by the Centre for Economic and Business Research which we commissioned and confirms that the recent lower petrol and diesel prices of 2015 have… 

  1. Created an extra £11.6 billion of economic activity in the UK
  2. Generated 121,000 jobs
  3. Raised UK GDP by 0.6%
  4. Boosted government tax revenues by £1.3bn 

With over 1.2m supporters and the backing of 146 MPs, FairFuelUK continues to fight for fairer taxation and transparent pricing at the pump on your behalf. We’re doing this for every driver in the UK including YOU.

Quentin WilsonFairFuelUK’s Lead Campaigner and popular TV Motoring Journalist, Quentin Wilson, says: “This landmark report completely destroys the myth that high fuel duties increase government tax receipts.  We’ve proved that keeping duty low actually increases revenues into the Exchequer by improved economic activity, more income tax, more Corporation Tax and VAT.  The government must now do everything in its power to lower fuel duty as well as making sure fuel retailers pass on oil price savings to businesses and consumers. The future economic strength of the UK depends on this policy.”

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK says: “George Osborne should look at this data very carefully. We’ve provided clear evidence that lower fuel and transport costs of 2015 have significantly benefited everybody and there’s now no argument left but to reduce fuel duty.’”

We need your support now

Please can we have your backing by simply signing up to the campaign at… .

That’s all we want.

We will only send you campaign updates by email usually when there is a Budget or other similar political activity about to happen. We already have 1.2m supporters and the more of you who join puts pressure on MPs to ensure that we stop any rise in duty ever again.

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