The Zenvo Team has introduced a revised model at the 86th International Geneva Motor Show. The Zenvo TS1 combines new remarkable driving dynamics both on street and track, limitless options for customisation, with luxury and exclusivity.

The new Zenvo TS1 conforms to the traditions and principles of the Zenvo ST1 – the legendary Danish hypercar that took the automotive world by surprise in 2009 and was instantly nominated for ‘Super Car of the Year’ after its debut at the Le Mans 24hrs ‘Drivers Parade’.

The evolutionary model Zenvo TS1 has retained its futuristic, aggressive Scandinavian design, top speed of 375 km/h, and day to day driveability. The refinements over the previous version have been driven by the desire to fulfil the wishes of the clients and their desired driving experience.The Zenvo TS1 is powered by a new in-house developed 5.9L lightweight fast revving Twin-Supercharged V8 flat-plane engine that provides high performance and reliability on the road.

Furthermore, a Track-day concept of the TS1 named TSR will be unveiled in Geneva. The TSR have been developed specifically for track day use and is featuring heavy aerodynamic changes improving downforce as well as lower ground clearance and stiffer racing suspension. The car is a weight optimised and features a true minimalist racing interior with a roll cage, racing seats and 6 point seat belts.

The concept was born in Denmark in 2006 and the company quickly entered the hypercar market. Zenvo takes pride not only in the finished product, but also in the craftsmanship of each element. The Zenvo factory is located in Praestoe (Denmark), a small picturesque seaside town.
Most processes are performed by hand and the creators of the company personally take part in the construction of every car. This is not only a tribute to traditions, but also an ideology of the company that combines the highest standards of quality control, craftsmanship and personal responsibility for the best possible result.
CTO Troels Vollertsen is a renowned Danish racing engineer, with experience in various racing series. He fell in love with cars many years ago when, as a young teenager, he worked after school at the local garage.
Chief designer Christian Brandt passionately designed and drew cars since his school days, and after graduating from the Danish School of Design and the Royal College of Art in London, sharpened his talent and skill working at Alfa Romeo in Italy.

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